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Net Speed

Netspeed Test is the advanced DSL-based internet speed checker service, which helps you get the speed of your internet connection. You check the file download speed, file upload speed, and also the Ping to the webserver. With all these details, you can assess the network speed. Internet speed test check is essential to check the internet speed on a regular basis. This helps you check for any internet speed issues and correct them by contacting the ISP.

  • Free internet speed test
  • Find the server location
  • Check Upload & Download Speed
  • Calculate your Internet speed
  • Get Latency Detail

Why You Need Free Internet Speed Check?

Your Broadband service provider promises you bandwidth, which is the net speed you are going to get. With the Free Netspeed check, you can check for the actual speed you are getting. Also, it’s going to be easier to know if there are internet connectivity issues with the net speed test.

What’s the Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Ping?

  • Download Speed – It’s the speed at which your internet connection is able to download a file from the server. The speed is usually shown in the Mbps or MB/S. The higher the download speed, the better your internet browsing, online gaming, and video streaming experience will be.
  • Upload Speed – It’s nothing but the speed at which your internet connection is able to upload or send a file from your computer to the server. Upload speed is usually shown in Mbps or MB/S. The upload speed should be decent for normal users. But for the heavy users who have the job of uploading content on the servers, like the IT employees or the YouTubers, need an internet connection with a Higher Upload speed.
  • Ping – This term is used to indicate the response time of your internet connection. It’s the time in which your internet made a connection with the webserver. Having the lowest Ping is highly essential, as it will help you load the sites instantaneously. For regular usage, having the Ping of 40-60ms is good. But for online gaming, you need a Ping of less than 25ms.

How Does this Network Speed Test Works?

The Network speed test takes nearly 30-40 seconds to complete. In this test, a sample file will be sent to and from our server to your computer. The time to send and receive the file is calculated, and that’s how you get to know about the internet speed. Also, the connection time between your system and our server is calculated precisely, providing you with the Ping, which is measured in “ms” or milliseconds. The internet speed is displayed in Mbps or Mega Bit per Second.

What’s the ideal Internet Speed?

With our internet speed test service, you can check your internet connection speed with ease. Having a certain net speed will help you achieve a few tasks with ease.

  • 5-10 Mbps: With 5-10 Mbps internet speed, you can easily watch the Youtube videos in 720p resolution. Also, you will find it convenient to stream content online in low resolution, stream music, make video calls, and surf the internet without hesitation. This is the average internet speed in most developing countries.
  • 10-50 Mbps: With 10-50 Mbps speed, you can get an effortless load of the 1080P full HD videos on your computer. Not just that, doing everyday tasks like browsing, listening to music, watching movies, and many other things is effortless. Not just that, you can easily transfer the large files to and from the server. It’s the ideal speed for most households and even small offices.
  • 50-100+ Mbps: 50-100+ Mbps is considered as high-speed internet. It’s the common speed in most of the developed countries. This speed is good enough for multiplayer online gaming, 4K video streaming, and video conferencing. If you have multiple people using the same internet connection, then this speed will be sufficient for your requirements.

What to Do If your Internet Connection Speed is Slow?

There are multiple reasons behind the slow internet speeds. When the internet speed check shows a slow speed than promised internet speed from your Internet service provider, you should immediately perform a few steps to improve the speed.

  • First of all, your should switch to the Ethernet connection instead of using the Wireless connection. The Wireless WiFi connection tends to reduce the overall speed by fractions if there are any physical disturbances in the network reception. So, plugging the ethernet cable directly into the laptop or computer is essential.
  • If that doesn’t work for you, then you should open the Task Manager in Windows and stop all the programs consuming excessive Bandwidth. There are a lot of background services on the computer, which consumes internet bandwidth, causing slow internet speed for browsing or anything you are willing to do.
  • Restart the router provided by your Internet Service Provider. Sometimes, the router gets overheated and causes a reduction in Internet speed. When you perform a network speed test and find a slow speed, you should immediately restart the router. Make sure to give it a rest for a few minutes and then restart.
  • If any of these methods do not work and you still have slow internet speed, then it’s time to call your Internet service provider. Sometimes, the Internet Service provider might be facing some issues, causing the slow speed. That’s why you should ask the ISP to fix the problem.

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