Bezeq Speed Test

Let’s check your Telefonica internet speed

It’s Time for a new internet speed test on our portal. But what is the best way to test your internet speed? Bezeq speed test is a free internet speed test tool that gives you accurate, more reliable, and detailed test results that are easy to understand and have options to share on social media. Just follow some simple instructions, and you will get a detailed report to show your Bezeq internet speed and how the ISP is actually performing.

Bezeq is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Israel. Our speed test tool lets you check your internet eligibility if it could be able to do a heavy task or not. Bezeq acquired the Israel-based startup SpeedOptimization in January of this year, and so it now performs speed tests both on its own network and on the entire internet. But here we’re talking about our Bezeq Speed Test platform to complete tests from anywhere and anytime. So let’s introduce it first to all my users.

Bezeq Speed Test

About Bezeq

Bezeq is Israel’s largest telecom company. The company has always been known for its excellent speeds, fast customer support, and extensive network. However, in recent years, Bezeq has also been competing extensively with its rival Cellcom, with Bezeq owning the most lines on Tel Aviv’s municipal network. 

Bezeq, Israel’s fifth-largest telecommunications company, is well known for its speed and reliability. In 2017, Bezeq came first in the ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ of Israel’s largest private company. And, just last month, Bezeq ranked first in the ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey of the fourth largest private company in Israel. You can gather more information about this telecom company here –

What is the Bezeq Speed Test?

The internet is a very big place, and the vast majority of people (especially with the rise of smartphones and tablets) tend to use the internet only for browsing, email, social media, and entertainment. This blog focuses on the latest tools available to monitor and test your internet speed via a speed test website.

As new techniques come, internet service providers are constantly changing and improving their speed. Today it’s faster, and tomorrow it will be more even better; we all know that. But for now, we’re stuck with the old technologies that exist today, like broadband & 4G networks. But with the help of internet speed monitoring tools, you can quickly check how fast your internet connection is, allowing you to do multiple tasks.

How to Check Bezeq Speed Test?

Do you ever use tools like to check your internet speed? If so, then you probably know that the results can be slightly different because of the server that the speed test website was using. Some ISPs throttle access to specific sites and services, some employ deep packet inspection (DPI) to filter and analyze your speed traffic, and others use DNS caching and route caching to hide their actual speeds.

So is there a way to know for sure how fast your ISP actually is? Here’s a guide on how to check your internet speed with an accurate & authentic result by using our net speed platform. Please follow the steps.

  • Without wasting time, open this page in your bezeq connected mobile or desktop browser.
  • Hit on the GO button to check your accurate internet speed.
  • You will get the download, upload, ping and latency details.

As you click within 15-20 seconds, you’re able to analyze your Bezeq internet maximum download & upload speed with the report of your ping & latency packet loss time.


Is your Bezeq download speed fast enough to stream a movie in high definition, or Do you need a blazing fast 5G or Wi-Fi connection? These are questions you’ve probably been asking yourself at some point, and you might have gotten some answers from simple tests like the one I’ve created for you on this blog.

There is a huge difference between a poor internet service provider experience and a fast one. That’s why we always need to monitor our internet speed for a certain time period. It gives us an overall idea about is our network has good strength or not to access heavy websites and complete faster downloads.

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