I-Cable Speed Test

Let’s check your i cable internet speed

Internet speed is one of the more important things that you need to have in a day. As our technology advances, the Internet becomes faster and faster. The important thing is to maintain an adequate speed that is fast enough for every online task. I-Cable speed test is a tool that allows you to check your internet speed and info you about how much time it takes to load any website or data.

To check your internet speed, you just need to connect with your I-Cable connection and visit our website to check the speed, hit the “Go” button and wait for the results. For example, if you want to check the download and upload speed of the I-Cable or any other provider, the results will show you how much data you can download, and you can calculate how long it will take to complete the downloading process. So, let’s start this guide where we discuss in deep about I-Cable network speed test.

I-Cable Speed Test

About I-Cable

I-Cable Communication is owned by Forever Top (Asia) Limited. Which is basically a telecommunication company that provides Internet services and cable-based ( Broadband ) services, particularly the company is from Hongkong.

If you have any questions about our services or if you’d like to request a service, please feel free to contact them at [email protected]. They’ll answer your email as quickly as possible. Or you can visit their official web address – https://www.i-cable.com.

What is the I-Cable Speed Test?

The internet speed testing tool is a tool that measures the speed of your internet connection. It does so by testing the network to see how fast it gets an internet packet across the network from one device to another. It is generally more accurate than using a speed informing app because it shows real-time data any quickly accessible from any device or from any browser as you want.

The speed will be measured in Mbps/Kbps according to your speed plans. Also, it informs you about your ping & latency so you can watch a detailed analysis of your I-Cable connectivity.

How to RUN I-Cable Internet Speed Test?

Our website offers Free Internet speed testing services. This internet speed test is one of the most accurate and reliable in the market. If you are looking for an Internet speed test, there is no need to go anywhere else or need to install any third-party android & iOS app or create an account.

We test internet speed with a series of tests, measure the result on different servers, and show your network provider’s maximum possible download speed. We also provide an unlimited number of tests for our customers without any charges. So have a look at the step of performing the speed test.

  • Go to the I-Cable speed test page
  • If you ever used the speed test tool powered by Ookla, then you easily understand the interface because we follow their speed guidelines.
  • The dashboard, informs you about your server.
  • Then, you just have to click on the GO button, and your test will start.
  • After 20 seconds, it completes the test, and you’re able to watch your download and upload speed with other corresponding results like ping & latency as well.


The Internet is the most powerful tool we have today. It’s helped us communicate with our friends, research for information, share good and bad experiences, and even meet new people. And I-Cable is doing great work as Internet Service Provider; it has helped us to gain a better understanding, especially in Hong Kong. This is impossible if you’re getting the slower speed that’s why it’s important to test our I-Cable operator speed from time to time to avoid issues like speed capping, buffering, and slow loading time.

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