Google Fiber Speed Test

Let’s check your Google Fiber internet speed

You can check your broadband or WiFi internet speed in many ways, but the most effective is with Google Fiber Speed Test tool. Many people are don’t aware of this simple speed testing tool because google never promotes it in a broad manner. Other Speed test websites and apps are also a great option as they can help you identify both speed and connection issues with your ISP.

If you’re getting slower internet speed for a long time from your internet provider and you want to check how fast it’s actually running, this post is for you. I’ve compiled a quick and easy way to perform a speed test through Google Fiber Speed Test over the web and show you just how fast the internet is at your home & office.

For a while now, the Google Fiber tool has been coming on the web platform, and for the past several years, the company has been offering it as a free internet speed test. But not everyone has access to a Google Fiber connection, and while the test is available on the web version only, you can’t access it through the app.

So, we’ve made it easy for you, just follow the below instruction and conduct Google Fiber Speed Test through your Desktop & iOS, or Android devices. And check out how fast you can go on with the `internet.

What is a Google Fiber Internet Test Tool?

Google Fiber Speed Test online tool is the best way to check your Internet connection speed. Because it’s introduced by Google itself so don’t worry about the result accuracy. Also, it’s one of the most reliable sources for speed testing, among others. Primarily it’s created for measuring the speed of hardwired Google Fiber connections.

But now, anyone can use it to check how fast their internet actually is whether you’re using broadband, mobile devices, hotspot, or Wi-Fi networks. Google Fiber is the perfect way for a city to get connected. For starters, it offers gigabit speeds, which let you download an HD video in seconds.

How to Check Internet Speed through Google Fiber Speed Test?

Google has published amazing speed tests online website, and the results are always satisfactory. Google Fiber Speed Test is the most accurate way to find out how fast your Internet is. This tool provides the results instantly with the exact ping and latency of your connection, so conduct a speed test by yourself and analyze how fast your Internet actually is.

By using google’s tool, you can check the internet speed anywhere around the world in your home or office. And you never need to install any app for that. The test will give you estimated data on the internet speed of your ISP connection and will also provide you with a snapshot of your current download and upload speeds with other useful information. So let’s start, with how to perform.

  • First of all, Be must sure that you are connected to your device with Google fiber.
  • Then visit this speed checker tool page
  • It’ll automatically detect the network that you are using. You can also change the network if it is not accurate.
  • Now, Hit on the GO button. It’ll take 10-15 seconds and show you download, upload speed, ping and latency.
  • If you are not satisfied with this data then you can visit which is Google’s own speed checker.

NOTE: You can test the internet speed of another telecom operator as well, but when you start the test, google informs you that your internet service provider might apply some other data charge. If you agree, just click on continue and the test will start.

Factors that affect your Google Fiber Connection Speed:

While most people think that their internet speed is the same as that of other people there are, the truth is that it depends on a lot of factors, such as

  • The device you were using.
  • Location of your area ( Rural or Urban )
  • The types of internet service providers you are using.
  • The speed of the internet service and the distance from the server.

In fact, even if your internet speed is the same as the people in your neighborhood, you may still be experiencing slower speeds than them because of the above factors I mentioned.

What are ping, and latency in Google Fiber Speed Test?

Ping, Latency, and Jitter also affect our internet more. Ping is the time it takes for your computer to send information from your computer to the internet and back. This information is sent from the internet to your computer through your router, and then from the router back to the internet. Latency is the time it takes for your computer to receive information from the internet.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) also measure the speed of your internet connection by using either cable or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) to deliver data to your computer. While cable provides higher speeds at a slightly higher price, DSL is the more economical option.


A fast internet connection always helps you to stream high-quality videos, download a movie, or upload any HD content in less than a minute. So, take full advantage of your internet speed provider by using a Google Fiber Speed Test because it gives you real-time results. And if you were facing a slower speed, just take a screenshot and inform it about your local ISP.

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