What is Ping in Speed Test Result? (Full INFO)

Ping Means in Speed Test

Millions of people use their internet connection to access social media, check email, and play online games. Without an internet connection, these activities are impossible. If you’re looking for What is ping in a speed test? or how it affects the download speed (and how …

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What is Jitter in Speed Test Result?

Jitter Means in Speed Test

In its most basic form, Jitter is the time it takes for data to be received by a device. You might have noticed that the ping speed in your speed test seems to take forever. There is a reason for this, and it is called …

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What is Upload Speed Means in Internet Test Result?

What is Upload Speed Means

Most of the time, our visitors complained to us about slow internet download and upload speeds. They said they have enough bandwidth, but still facing connectivity issues. Sometimes the problem only happens with uploading speed only because the company offers a good download speed but …

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Can Internet Provider See Your Browser History?

Can Internet Provider See Your Browser History

Nowadays the most important asset in the online world is our browsing data and history. Although if we follow all the security protocols then it is difficult to find out by someone easily. But what about the internet service provider can they watch our activity …

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