Can Internet Provider See Your Browser History?

Can Internet Provider See Your Browser History

Nowadays the most important asset in the online world is our browsing data and history. Although if we follow all the security protocols then it is difficult to find out by someone easily. But what about the internet service provider can they watch our activity …

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What is Jitter in Speed Test Result?

Jitter Means in Speed Test

Speed test results can be confusing for many of us. It’s important to understand what all numbers mean, Mainly when it comes to jitter. Jitter is a measure of network latency or the lag time between sending and receiving data over a network connection, and …

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Top 10 Best Ways to Increase Internet Speed

Increase Internet Speed

The Internet is the most important medium for connecting us all over the world. The main thing which we need to maintain is a constant speed to run our browsing, surfing or downloading, smoother as butter. In the 21st century, technology got very advanced equipment, …

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What is Ping in Speed Test Result? (Full INFO)

Ping Means in Speed Test

Millions of people use their internet connection to access social media, check email, and play online games. Without an internet connection, these activities are impossible. If you’re looking for What is ping in a speed test? or how it affects the download speed (and how …

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