Top 10 Best Ways to Increase Internet Speed

The Internet is the most important medium for connecting us all over the world. The main thing which we need to maintain is a constant speed to run our browsing, surfing or downloading, smoother as butter. In the 21st century, technology got very advanced equipment, which helps to enhance our net speed like never before like fiber connection and Wireless transmission.

Having a slow internet connection can be infuriating. Whether you’re trying to work from home, watch your favorite show or simply browse the web, a slow connection can be the difference between success and failure. Fortunately, there are several methods you can employ to increase the speed of your internet connection. In this article, we will outline the top 10 best ways to increase your internet speed – so that you can get back on track with whatever it is that you need to do online.

But even sometimes we felt the internet speed is not enough to handle high-performing tasks. Like live streaming, editing videos online, or uploading content on any social media website. All of these works required high-speed internet, of around 10 to 20 Mbps of internet speed minimum.

Increase Internet Speed

Top 5 Reasons Why the internet speed issue occurs:

  • Network Congestion: Heavy traffic on ISP servers
  • Poor Wi-Fi Coverage: Weak signal, interference or distance
  • Outdated Hardware: Old router/modem or outdated devices
  • Malware/Virus: Can cause slow down or hijack bandwidth
  • Service Provider Issue: Faulty cables, outdated infrastructure or bandwidth throttling

First Make sure you’re getting a Good Internet Speed from Your ISP:

Before starting any method, first, you have to check how much internet speed you are getting, from your internet service provider. Because if it is already lesser then how we can power up it? It might create a problem. So, to enhance the speed ISP should maintain at least a minimum speed of around 1Mbps.

There are many websites from where you can taste your internet speed. like powered by Ookla, or if you want to use a trusted source then you can go with Google’s internet speed test service. & are also good choices to check speed instantly.

Best ways to increase internet speed:

You are still reading this means you are frustrated with your slow internet speed and annoyed when you’re trying to work, stream a movie, or even just browse the web. Well, Here are 10 ways to speed up your internet connection:

#1. Position the router centrally

Positioning the router centrally in your home can have a significant impact on your internet speed. By placing it in a central location, you can help ensure that the Wi-Fi signal is evenly distributed throughout your home and that all areas receive a strong and reliable connection. This can be especially helpful if you have a large home or multiple floors, as it can help eliminate dead spots and improve your overall online experience.

#2. Connect Via an Ethernet Cable

Connecting your device to your router via an Ethernet cable can be an excellent way to improve your bandwidth limit and decrease lag. While Wi-Fi connections are convenient, they can be slower and less reliable than a wired connection, especially if you are located far from your router or have multiple devices fighting for bandwidth. By connecting directly to your router with an Ethernet cable, you can optimize internet connectivity and get faster speeds.

Connect these devices to ethernet to better speed optimization:

  • Smart TVs
  • Laptop or PCs
  • PlayStation, or other gaming consoles like Xbox

#3. Test or upgrade your router

If you tried the above two steps and still facing internet speed issues. Then testing or upgrading your router helps you to overcome this problem. Like if you are a router this old enough for more than 3 to 5 years, then I will recommend you try to change it. Because the old modem router comes up with low-frequency antennas. So, the range may get affected by that.

#4. Protect your router and check the Internet usage

Always protect your router by securing it with a strong password. Because the strength of our Wi-Fi is available outside of our homes and neighbors’ houses. Show the strangers easily access them by cracking your password. This is simply possible by third-party apps. So, if some unknowns start using your Wi-Fi, they can easily cross your internet bandwidth limit in a day by downloading big files.

#5. Using a good VPN service

Using a good VPN service is a wise way to enhance your internet speed while keeping your online activities private and secure. When you use a VPN, your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted connection which makes it much more difficult for hackers and other online threats to access your personal information. Furthermore, a VPN can help you get around internet restrictions and access websites and content that may be blocked in your region.

But if you using VPNs like Nord VPN or Express VPN. Which offers services for a very long time. They offer an unlimited amount of bandwidth, with a huge base of fast and Secure services. Despite their being costly, if you start using them, you feel it’s totally worth it enough.

#6. Reset your router by giving them a break

Resetting your router by giving it a break can be an effective way to improve your internet speed and reduce connectivity issues. Over time, your router can become overwhelmed with data traffic, which can slow down your internet speed and cause your connection to drop out. By router rest, It can help clear out any excess data and refresh its performance.

To reset your router, unplug it from the electricity source and leave it unplugged for a minimum 30 seconds. This will give your router enough time to reset and start fresh while you plug it back in. After 30 seconds, plug the router again in and wait for it to start up. This method allows you to restore your internet speed and decrease connectivity troubles, making it simpler to browse, stream, and download content material online. Additionally, resetting your router periodically allow you to keep a greater solid and dependable connection, ensuring that you’re continually related to the internet whilst you need it.

#7. Just Block Unusual ads

Blocking unusual ads can help improve your internet speed and enhance your online experience. Some websites and apps are designed to display ads that are intrusive, annoying, or even malicious. These ads can slow down your internet speed, consume your bandwidth, and even infect your device with malware. By blocking unusual ads, you can minimize these risks and enjoy a faster and safer browsing experience.

One way to block unusual ads is to use an ad-blocking software or browser extension. These tools can help you identify and block ads that are potentially harmful while allowing you to view the content you want to see. Some ad-blocking tools even allow you to customize your settings and block specific types of ads, such as pop-ups, banners, or video ads. By blocking unusual ads, you can help improve your internet speed, reduce data consumption, and protect your device from potential security threats.

#8. Switch to a different internet service provider (ISP)

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds and connectivity issues, one option you might consider is switching to a different internet service provider (ISP). Different ISPs offer varying internet speeds, prices, and plans, so it’s important to research and compares your options before making a decision.

Before making the switch, make sure to read the fine print and understand any fees or contracts associated with your new plan. You may also need to purchase new equipment or schedule an installation appointment with your new ISP. Switching to a different ISP can be a hassle, but it may be worth it if you can get faster internet speeds and a more reliable connection.

#9. Use a “clear cache” plugin

Using a “clear cache” plugin can be an effective way to speed up your internet browsing experience. Your browser stores data and files from the websites you visit in a cache, which helps to load the pages faster the next time you visit. However, over time, the cache can become overloaded with data, which can slow down your browsing speed and cause other performance issues.

You can also manually clear your cookies and catch them by going to the browser setting section, rather than using a clear cache plugin. But extensions are very handy to use. You never need to go into the settings all the time to clear the cache. So, it’s totally up to you which one you wanna use. But I recommend you clear your cache file from time to time, to avoid internet speed limit issues.

#10. Upgrade your internet monthly package

This is the last solution, which you need to apply. Sometimes when we start loving the media content, we don’t think about our internet limit and watch content in high resolution like 1080p for 4K. This type of video consumes a lot of data. And the next day when the internet speed was reduced, we blame our internet service provider. It happens due to you crossing your monthly bandwidth limit.

So, after crossing the provided limit, the internet speed is automatically converted into a lower speed in Kbps. Then we only Browse the internet. The speed is not able to perform higher tasks. So just check your ISP dashboard and if you completed the limit, just upgrade your plan with a new subscription.

I hope you have followed all the above points. Now It’s time to check your internet connection if the speed has increased or not. Hit on the GO button.

Final Points

These were the methods to increase your internet speed. As I show you 10 easy and basic ways which can easily boost your internet speed in no time. You can upgrade hardware or use troubleshooting software to get the faster performance you desire. Don’t let slow internet speed hinder your productivity and enjoyment of the web. Use this guide to help get your internet running at peak performance!

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