Can Internet Provider See Your Browser History?

Nowadays the most important asset in the online world is our browsing data and history. Although if we follow all the security protocols then it is difficult to find out by someone easily. But what about the internet service provider can they watch our activity from any browser. But before that you need to understand ISP, The ISP is a service provider of our internet facility. The internet which we accessing on our mobile or PC, where it comes from, you think about it. It comes directly from the Internet Service Provider. And as you know the owner has all the rights. So yes, Internet provider can see our browsing history.

Although different ISP has different term & condition policy that bound by law by government, it depends on the country as well where you’re living. Which we need-aware by collecting information through their websites. But many people have an attitude like we are not doing any wrong thing then why we need to worry. This is good but we need to conscious about our data because it’s our own property. And why we give permission to someone to monitoring you and misbehave with our searching record.

Can Internet Provider See Your Browser History

Can Internet Provider See History Your Browser History?

The answer is yes or no both, they can watch everything which we surf on the internet although all is under control manner and they have some strict guidelines. But They have all the records like which website we are visiting and where you spend most of your time like on Facebook, Twitter.

And the content which watching on YouTube and other social media sites. And even our geographical location where we visit, however it’s totally up to them how they utilize the information. If they are trusted enough then no need to worry about anything.

Despite encrypted browsers are also there to keep your data private like Tor browser, but it’s really better than VPNs, for that we need to understand the exit relay first. By this term when you browse somewhere your data still exists on the net after searching. However, is incredibly difficult for anyone to recover it.

Solution for avoiding spying by Internet Speed Provider

But the main question is how we can avoid and self-control IPS tracking. To overcome this type of problem there is one legit solution called VPN the virtual private network.

By using a VPN, we can connect to this secure server and all our internet traffic will go through a secret tunnel. So even the administration, hackers, and the government agencies can never see our previous record or anything which we doing on the net.

VPNs are the ultimate solution for this type of illegal activity another benefit of using VPN is easily bypass the geographical restriction and allow us to access any website, which is restricted in a particular country like for streaming content, traveling, gaming, and gambling.

Like Mostly China has blocked their outer searches, but we can easily bypass it by using VPN and start inquiries about China as well. And it does not spy on our data if you use good quality VPN.

Can incognito mode save us from ISP tracking?

When it comes to our privacy in 2021, Most of us know about the security search feature providing by browsers. So, whenever we deal with some confidential activity we have to Incognito mode it saves us from many hacking issues.

But they are not enough, and in the new update, Chrome confirms that the incognito is not giving a guarantee, that they save them from spying. So rather than our uploading and downloading record they able to access our data also.

It seems very scary sometimes because there are thousands of Government employees, businessmen, students, and some confidential things which we search every day on the net. Rather than this, we also transfer millions of moneys each day throughout the net.

ISP can also know which site you are searching and if they want, they can also record what you are buying and all the things but that’s not easy, although it’s running in a very secure way. but yeah, it might be possible.


So, if you are using the internet too much to accessing your secure files, then you should have to take care of ISP. But if we look at the history of the internet, we found a very rare case where people got hacked by Internet Service Provider. And even we don’t hear any big news like ISP is leaking our data or share the information with third-party company’s.

So according to me if you were more conscious about your internet browsing history, then I recommend you take a service from any quality service provider. Don’t go for a cheap plan, if you’re a business owner or working in any field where online data is a very important thing. Am just warning you, am not saying that your search result will be misused by someone, it’s just a curiosity of people to know about the things.

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