WiFi Speed Test

Let’s check your WiFi internet speed

Some people are worried about the speed of their Wi-Fi. If so, this post will help you find out how fast your wireless network is actually. It’s truly a simple way to find out our wifi speed test, and you only need to enter the website and connection name in order to get an accurate test result. Just after a few seconds as you click the start button, you’ll know how fast your wifi network actually. If you’re interested in knowing your WIFI’s exact speed, read out the full article. It will help you a lot.

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your Wi-Fi broadband connection is slow, you probably want to find out the reason whether it happens due to the router or the internet service provider ( ISP ). But I recommend you before blaming anyone just perform a WiFi speed test via the below-mentioned steps.

WiFi Speed Test

Factors that affect our WiFi Internet Speed:

Today, many of us rely on wireless internet for our internet connection. Whether it’s your phone, laptop, tablet, or other devices you will always be connected to the same WiFi broadband access. That might be the one reason for the lower speed.

The only way to accurately determine your internet “speed” is by using a speed test. And even then, if the results won’t precise, this is because the signal between your computer and router will be affected by many factors. These include

  • The distance between the two, how close they are to walls or other obstructions.
  • How many other devices are using the internet at the same time,
  • And the quality of the router and modem you were using.

A good internet speed plays a very important role in playing online games, streaming videos, watching movies, Home & office use, and using today’s heavy applications. Since we spend a lot of time on the internet, and particularly on our mobile or computers. That’s why we need to must have a good internet speed which we can find out easily by doing a speed test. So have a look.

How to test our Wi-fi’s actual speed?

The question of how fast your internet connection is can be difficult to answer, because depending on many factors. But if you perform a speed test you can get an accurate result with proof.

There are a lot of people who do not know if they have fast internet or not and even, and they do not know the real speed of their internet. If you are one of them, you definitely need to be aware of it. There are many Wi-Fi speed testing websites and apps, but I would recommend you use the WIFI speed test through web platforms.

  • Wi-Fi is actually an internet technology. So, you can check How fast your Wi-Fi is from any online internet speed testing tool as well as from the app.
  • But I suggest you use net speed which only works on actual speed testing
  • So just visit the above link and click on the GO button to start a speed test.
  • It’ll shows you result with ping, latency, or downloading & uploading speed.
  • Whereas fast.com shows you instant results. So, use according to your convenience of use.

Slow downloads data can mean you’re not getting what you’re paying for, even if you’re paying a lot. Find out if your connection is delivering the speed you have paid, and take a step to speed up the performance of your connection from the below points.

How to Increase our Wi-Fi Internet Speed?

Wifi internet speed is a big factor when it comes to downloading stuff and streaming content. A good internet speed is a dream of internet lovers. There are many ways to boost our internet connection speed.

  • The one that works best for you is finding a good internet service provider (ISP).
  • Next Choose the best 4G, 4G+, or 5G device and a Higher range of routers (Capacity to deliver at least 300Mbps).
  • Maintain an adequate distance from your Wi-Fi modem.
  • By analyzing the overall usage of your Internet every month. Because sometimes neighbors and our kids also suck the whole data.

There are a few different things that can cause slow wifi, but the solution is the same as I mentioned above. Although, if your internet speed is fluctuating too much, don’t worry by speed test will get you a rough idea of what you’re actually getting from your ISP.


If you’re like many of us, your internet connection is a bit slower than you’d like so just take an action. And you are planning to buy a new wireless broadband device (like a router, modem, or phone signal booster). Take a rest and ask yourself if it’s actually the router’s fault. No, it could happen due to a number of reasons like the problem is from your ISP provider, your router being too far from your location, the bandwidth issue, or even a combination of all of these. So, I advise you to conduct a Wi-Fi speed test instantly and report your service provider or change the plan as soon as possible to enjoy the internet without any interruption.

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