Virgin Media Speed Test

Let’s check your Virgin internet speed

Internet speed is an incredibly important factor when trying to achieve online success and fame. What good is being a skilled businessman by using social media, but your site loads too slowly, or you’re too slow to keep up with your followers? If you’re a website owner, how well your site loads can be vital to your business, or it could be the deciding factor in whether or not someone comes back to you again. That’s why it’s important to know about our virgin media speed test.

Virgin Media has been the first to market a range of innovative products designed to help consumers manage their data usage. Virgin Media are well known for its excellent customer service and for providing a wide range of entertainment options. And our platform has recently introduced the Virgin Media Speed Test tool on our website. So, let’s check it out.

Virgin Media Speed Test

About Virgin Media Speed Test

Virgin Media is the UK’s largest telecommunications provider founded 15 years ago on 6 March 2006. It is the first preference for people who want a simple, reliable, and competitive service with no hidden costs. Also, Virgin Media offers a range of TV and home phone packages, including its Super-fast Fiber Broadband (up to 500Mbps) that has been upgraded to deliver 200Mbps in certain areas. The company’s headquarter are located in London and are 100% owned by Liberty Global.

Virgin Media is a British country-based cable TV, broadband, and mobile telecommunications provider. In the UK and Ireland, Virgin Media is the second-largest cable provider behind Sky with 42.7% of the market as of 31st December 2015. You can get more info about Virgin via – And if you looking for the best way to check your Virgin internet speed is through our netspeed platform.

What is Virgin Media Speed Test?

Virgin Media Speed Tests are a handy tool to check our internet speeds. I’ve seen some people getting really confused about the Virgin Media Speed Test. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to get the best out of your Virgin Media Speed Test. Basically, the test measures the maximum internet speed ( In Mbps/Kbps ) that your ISP can cross.

Once it reaches that limit the tool records it and displays the data. So, this post will explain how’s the Virgin Media Speed Test work, and how to use them to get a better idea of what speed you can expect to get from your broadband connection. Scroll and find out how to perform the Virgin speed test.

How to RUN Virgin Media Speed Test?

If you’re looking to get a good idea of how fast your internet connection is, you don’t have to pay out for expensive and unreliable broadband services. The Virgin Media speed test is available to you, for free. Once you have done the test, you can quickly discover which is the best broadband package for your daily needs, and this will give you great peace of mind. So without wasting much time let’s dig into the main steps.

  • Initially, you’ve to walk through this Virgin media speed test page
  • The homepage comes up with an informative guide about how to boost our internet speed, so must read that.
  • Now at the top of the Virgin Spees Test Meter, you need to click on the Go button to continue the test procedure.
  • That’s it, only wait for a few seconds and the outcome will appear on your screen.
  • From there you can analyze or monitor each aspect of your Virgin Internet like your maximum download & upload speed and the ping & latency info.


Virgin Media offers a range of broadband packages, including the Super-fast Broadband for which you can get up to 40Mbps download speeds. This is the fastest broadband service that Virgin Media offers in the UK. The other speeds are Virgin Media Fast Broadband, for up to 10Mbps, and Virgin Media Fast Access Broadband for up to 2Mbps. The fastest of these services is Virgin Media Superfast Broadband for up to 100Mbps. But they are actually super-fast as they’re claimed all the time or users have issues with Virgin. Here the Virgin Media Speed Test is a very useful program. It’s clear all the doubt and shows that really, we’re getting up to 100Mbps from Virgin telecom or not. Thus, I would suggest you use it once.

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