TPG Speed Test

Let’s check your Biglobe internet speed

The TPG speed test blog is a great way to compare and monitor how fast your internet connection is, no matter where you are. Whether you don’t have broadband or fiber connection at home/office or you’re traveling abroad, the speed test tool on this portal will give you a clear idea of your real-time capabilities to download or stream any files.

Welcome to the tpg speed test, here you can keep your eyes on your real-time internet connection speed from anywhere and from any device. Also, we’ll help you understand what speed testing is, how to do it properly, and what you can do to make sure it’s always fast!

TPG Speed Test

About TPG Telecommunication

TPG is Australia’s fastest national broadband network, providing speeds up to 1000Mbps. Previously is known as Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Limited. The company was founded 20 years ago on 1 May 2001. Iñaki Berroeta is the man behind the company, and he is currently CEO of tgp telecommunication.

They also offer different services such as Internode, wireless broadband, Vodafone Australia, and Felix Mobile. There are 5,000 employees working with TGP now. You can get more information about them via their website –

What is the TPG Speed Test?

As you may have noticed, many of the speed tests include a “Ping” and “Latency” metric separately. But we have created all three individual tests in a single dashboard to give you a better picture of what your ISP is doing and how it performs under different conditions like in your home/office areas.

The first is the download & upload test, which shows results in Mbps/Kbps. It varies between 0 – 1000Mbps and more. The highest this number it’ll be good for every internet user.

What is Ping and Latency Test in Internet Speed Monitoring?

So after the downloading and uploading test, it’s time to check our ping response and latency delay time.

  • So what is a ping test? It measures how long it takes for data to reach your computer from the internet service provider.
  • And the next information is about your latency test – which measures the time it takes for data to travel from your computer to the server.

And finally, you got the main tpg download/upload speed result, which measures the time it takes for data to reach the server. The following table on shows a sample of each test we have created.

How to Check the TPG Speed Test?

We test internet speed on our network and compare it with the fastest national broadband network. We also test the internet speed of TPG’s fiber network, which is currently in trial in NSW and ACT. TGP is Australia’s largest ISP, providing speeds up to 100Mbps.

And our tpg speed test is specially designed to determine the best internet speed for you and we will let you know the fastest internet speed you can get with TPG. So you can take intuitive actions after seeing the result. Here are the steps on how you can perform the tpg speed test.

  • Let’s start the process by opening this internet speed test page on your computer or mobile which is connected with a TGP internet connection.
  • Avoid some ads and read the guide ( if you want ); it helps you to increase your internet speed.
  • Now from the top of the page, you’ll see the main tpg speed test meter dashboard.
  • To start the test, you just have to select the Go button option placed at the center of the tool.
  • As you click within 15-20 seconds of a time period, you’ll analyze your tpg maximum download & upload speed plus the ping & latency packet loss info as well.


Today, it’s almost as easy to get a broadband connection as it is to get electricity. Cable and DSL providers have flooded our towns with their fiber optic cable, offering lightning-fast download speeds and the ability to stream Netflix and Spotify without any buffering issues. But what if you’re still not getting enough speed as you are willing to? Here speed test tools are the ultimate solution for every problem where you can measure your internet speed with some accurate details.

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