Telkom Speed Test

Let’s check your Telkom internet speed

Today Internet Speed is one of the most important aspects of a healthy and enjoyable social media life. However, finding out how fast your internet connection is difficult if you weren’t aware of the speed testing tool. With Telkom’s Speed Test, you can easily find out the speed of your internet connection, and then you can compare it to other internet service providers from your neighborhood.

Telkom is one of the oldest Indonesian corporations that provides phone and internet services. And to evaluate the speed of the internet connection at your home/office residence, you can use the speed test provided below. This test will give you an approach through the speed or data transfer capability of your internet connection.

Telkom Speed Test

About Telkom 

Telkom is an Indonesia-based Telecommunications company which is also known as “TLKM” and “TLK” on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Government of Indonesia owns the company in 1884, the headquarter is located in Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia, and there were 24,272 employees working as per the 2019 report. The company works in different sectors like telecommunications, Media, ISP, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information, and Edutainment. You can collect more information about Telkom via

Telkom is the nation’s largest internet service provider (ISP), with an estimated 90% of the country’s internet connections. This means that Telkom users can expect to experience faster speeds compared to other ISPs. The speed test tool is used to determine Telkom’s internet speed.

What is the Telkom Speed Test?

The internet speed test that we also called “Ping” and “Latency” is one of the most advanced tests. It has been developed over many years and has, by now, been thoroughly tested and refined. The Telkom speed test analyzes your download & upload speed in Megabite Per Second, which is accurate enough.

Please note that this speed detection tool also measures the ping & latency of a packet (a unit of data transmitted over the internet). So, you’ll get an overall idea about your Telkom or any other Internet service provider.

How to Measure Telkom Speed Test?

Recently, one of my friends asked me for a good internet speed test for his Telkom broadband internet connection. He also told me that he had some problems with his connection speed. So, I tell him that I already had a good internet speed test tool. I was just testing it, and no doubt I found that my Telkom broadband internet is very fast.

And I suggest that guys quickly access this internet speed test tool on their mobile or computer. It’s a web-based tool, so no need to install any software. If you also want to use it, I mention some short instructions below. So just follow them.

  • First, connect with your Telkom broadband or mobile internet services, then open this Telkom test page.
  • Here you can see some important test guides.
  • And at the top of the page, you’ll see the Telkom Speed Meter, where you just have to click on the Go button to RUN the test.
  • On the next page, the test will start counting the maximum amount of your ISP’s downloading and uploading capacity plus the ping & latency info.


Getting a good internet connection is essential for many of us in every part of the earth. But, with the number of options you have, it can be difficult to find out which provider is the best for you. This is where a speed test comes in. So, this post is all about showing you how to use the speed test tool on Telkom’s speed test platform to check your connection and compare it to everyone else in your area.

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