Telenor Speed Test

Let’s check your Telenor internet speed

Telenor is one of the first companies in the world to offer 3G + 4G in all major countries, offering high-speed data services for surfing the internet, sending and receiving e-mail, and using the most in-demand apps. You’re on the internet, and you’re wondering how fast it actually is. So many companies claim that they have the fastest internet, and all you know is that you’re not getting the speeds you paid for. That’s why here we are discussing some easy ways to check your internet speed.

To get the most out of your internet connection, you need to measure your speed by using tools. There are a number of ways to do this, but you can check your speed using Telenor’s own speed test and some third-party websites. So, let’s start and hit the test.

Telenor Speed Test

About Telenor

Telenor is a telecommunications company in Norway. The company was founded in 1989, and since then, it has grown to cover all of Norway. Today Telenor offers mobile services, fixed-line, internet, TV, and IPTV. The company has operations in 14 countries and is the largest telecom company in Norway.

While you may be familiar with the U.S. phone company, you may not know that Telenor is the world leader in fixed-line networks. However, its presence is not limited to its home countries: the company has operations in several continents. It serves over 140 million customers across seven countries, and its network is completely fiber-optic. The company’s networks have been built to ensure that the total cost of the investment is kept as low as possible.

What is the Telenor Speed Test?

Internet speed is a tricky subject. If you ask 100 people about it, you’ll probably get 100 different answers, most of which will contradict each other. And a speed test gives you a brief idea about your Telenor’s actual download and upload speed or any other telecom operator you were using.

Basically, this type of tool uses a high-speed fast server that can take over the Internet Service Provider’s maximum capabilities and shows you the real-time speed of your location, which is calculated in Megabits per second ( Mbps ). Yet, web pages and e-mails will load faster if you use a faster connection.

A common way to measure a webpage’s performance is to use a website, which is by Telenor itself. Here is how it works:

  • Firstly, Turn on the Telenor Internet connection on your device and open this page in any browser
  • Just above, you need to click on the Go button to run the test.
  • Your test will start and shows your Telenor ISP detail result within 15 seconds.
  • Where you can analyze your download & upload speed with other speed tools like ping & latency.


Telenor offers a wide range of internet services covering a huge range of devices and usage scenarios. We’ve made this guide to help those who are not familiar with the speed they are getting from their internet connection. I always prefer websites over apps because they are easily accessible from any device and anywhere in the world. You just require a browser that we already have on our mobile or PCs and no need to muddle installing complex software.

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