Telefonica Speed Test

Let’s check your Telefonica internet speed

Our website is dedicated to helping guide different internet service providers’ speed tests. And trying to aware you through some activities that defiantly increase your Internet speed. Those who didn’t know and visited the first time on our platform stayed with us and read the entire article carefully. You’ll get all the answers here. We also work alongside the trusted brand of speed test, which is powered by the Ookla Speed Meter.

Our aim is to assist other customers as well with their own requirements. This includes our online speed test, ping & latency test, which is used by millions of customers across the world to test their Telefonica Internet connectivity speed. So, let’s start with the topic.

Telefonica Speed Test

About Telefonica Telecommunications

Telefonica is a Spanish telecommunications company. The traditional services that Telefonica offers are phone and fixed telephony (phone landlines and mobile phones). The company’s fixed telephony services include landline telephony (SMS, cheap international calls, etc.), fixed-mobile telephony (GSM, UMTS, HSPA), and Internet and IP telephony.

And Telefonica Modem speed test is a tool created by our developer teams to show how the Telefonica internet is performing on your PC or mobile connection. It can also be used as a way to see how your servers are performing at all our locations. So, scroll below to explore what is Telefonica speed test is and how it works.

What is the Telefonica Speed Test?

Telefonica is the largest telecommunications company in Spain and the United States; therefore, people search more about it on google. That’s why we designed this tool especially to test Telefonica connection Internet Speed. It’s a free online web-based tool that lets you check your connection speed in Mbps/Kbps and also informs you about your packet loss, ping response, and latency delay in milliseconds ( ms ).

How to Conduct a Telefonica Speed Test?

The internet speed test tool allows you to check how fast your Internet connection is by analyzing your router/modem or Internet Service Provider capabilities. The Internet is a collection of networks that form a global infrastructure that allows you to share all kinds of data.

For example, your computer can send and receive emails, upload and download files, and share the Internet connection with other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or games consoles. That’s why it’s a must thing for today’s generation to stay updated with the maximum speed offered by our ISP provider, and we can simply do it by performing Telefonica Speed Test.

  • First, visit this page after connecting your device with the Telefonica network connection.
  • Just hit on the GO button from the centre.
  • The process of speed measurement will start, wait for 15-20 seconds.
  • Eventually, the task will complete automatically, and you’re ready to monitor your Telefonica connection’s maximum download & upload speed.

What is the Telefonica Average Download Speed?

A few years ago, at the evaluation of our internet speed test experimentation, we arrived at the conclusion that Telefonica’s maximum average speed is 7.2Mbps, which was recorded as the fastest server available in Spain. However, all that was to change with the release of their new ADSL2+ service, a service that offers speeds up to 20Mbps. This was just enough speed to prove us wrong.

We tested Telefonica’s new service and found that it was faster than the 7.2Mbps we guaranteed on our website! Our bandwidth tests revealed that Telefonica’s maximum speed was more than double the previous maximum, and their speed tests were the fastest we had seen in Spain. Since then, other ISPs have been caught doing the same thing, and the results there are more competitors now. But it’s good for us to get more speed opportunities.


Telefonica is the world’s largest telecommunications company. Its main business is the provision of telecom services. However, Telefónica also has many other businesses and subsidiaries, such as Virgin Media O2 (50%), O2 Germany, which has its own platforms. This is a reputed company in the Spane, but sometimes people encountered slow internet issues. But you don’t need to worry just open our website’s dashboard and RUN the Telefonica speed test multiple times to evaluate what’s the actual reason behind speed interruption. Then by taking a screenshot, complain to Telefonica customer service. That’s it all about!!

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