Storm Fiber Speed Test

Let’s check your Storm internet speed

You’ve probably seen some kind of a speed test in the past in your technical journey, “That’s got more advance now” Well, A speed test is the best way to determine your internet connection speed and see if it is fast enough or not, to handle the things you want to do online like downloading big files, uploading content, doing online classes or live streaming of games.

Losing internet speed every day is experienced by most of us. It is a fairly common problem nowadays that affects many people Storm Fiber users, which ruins our’s online experience. So, with the following tutorial, I will teach you how to test your Storm Fiber internet connection speed. So, scroll and check out different sections of the post.

Storm Fiber Speed Test

About Storm Fiber

Storm Fiber internet is a Pakistan-based telecommunication company. That promise to deliver up to %0Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speed. However, Storm Fiber is a newly established internet service provider. But people are using it and have always been satisfied with the services because of its affordable plans and availability in most residential areas.

If you want to become a Storm Fiber telecom connection member, you must visit their website, from where you can gather more information about the company and its packages. Here is the Storm Fiber internet service provider web address – You can also contact their customer care via call and consult about your problem; the number is – 111-1-STORM (78676).

What is Storm Fiber Speed Test?

So the Storm Fiber speed test will inform you whether you’re able or not to do all these heavy things on your computer. The speed test calculates the internet speed in Mbps or Kbps ( Megabite/Kilobite per second ), a data transfer rate unit. And the normal broadband, fiber, or telecom operator speed which is perfect for this type of task, is minimum 3-5Mbps.

So, the Storm Fiber Speed Test is a free service that will test your internet speed and provide you with a result showing how fast your connection is. The result will also give you an idea of where you are in your internet speed journey as compared to others. So, let’s start the Storm Fiber Speed Test.

How to Check Storm Speed Test?

Internet service providers (ISPs) are trying to entice you into signing up for their high-speed fiber internet plans, but the speed they advertise may not be what you get. Here speed test helps a lot and gives an overall idea about how your speed test actually performs.

There are many internet speed tests tool on the online platform, and most of them are relying on ping or latency, which is the time it takes for your computer to send a message to a server and get a response. In contrast, ping is a useful measurement, which is also an important factor in any speed test. To determine the actual speed, we use a service called and Here are the steps on how you can perform the Storm Fiber Speed Test.

  • Firstly, Connect your internet with the Strom network
  • Then visit this tool from your device on any browser
  • Click on the GO button to get details like download/upload speed, ping, latency, jitter, and other aspects


It’s a common complaint that your internet speed is slow, and sometimes it shows around 2 Mbps, whereas I had paid for 10 Mbps. This is the most annoying thing. But don’t worry if you were facing this kind of speed issue with your ISP provider; just conduct a speed test immediately. And inform the concern with the Storm Fiber support team with the proof of your intense speed test result. Sometimes the issue might occur because of climate change or a problem in your wired connection or the router you were using, which can be easily resolved by a speed test.

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