PLDT Speed Test

Let’s check your PLDT internet speed

There are a few things that you should know about the internet speed testing tool. First, this tool is specially designed to measure the speed of our internet provider. Second, almost all of the websites in the world offer these services for paid but here you can test your PLDT internet speed free of cost. Then, how the tool works perfectly as compared to others.

The answer is we use some ads to earn revenue which you can avoid if it’s out of interest. Otherwise, it also helps you as an informative prospect. PLDT Speed Test is a simple tool that will test your internet speed by sending multiple test requests throughout the internet. We divided this post into different sections to better understand the PLDT communication and the tool itself. So, let’s start.

PLDT Speed Test

About PLDT Inc. Telecom

PLDT Inc. was founded 92 years ago on November 28, 1928, in Manila, Philippine Islands. Previously the PLDT is also known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. Alfredo S. Panlilio is the current President & CEO of this public organization. They serve their services Worldwide and their headquarter is located in Makati, Philippines. The company is known for different products like Digital Services, Satellite communications, Fixed-line telephony, Information technology, and Mass media.

PLDT is providing high-speed internet services to thousands of residential and business customers across the globe. The company is dedicated to providing high-speed internet access to all areas of the province, regardless of the type of device you are using to access the internet. You can collect more information by visiting their official gateway –

What is the PLDT Speed Test?

PLDT Telecommunications is an online tool to measure your Internet speed by testing in different high-performing servers. The result that you’ll get is in Megabite or Kilobite per second. It gives you instant results on how fast your internet is right now and how fast it will be.

It’s free, easy to operate, and never requires any account login, so fully secure from bugs & malware. It’s one of the best tools to use before you try to switch between different internet service providers. Just try it once and see what the main reason for your slow connectivity is.

How to Measure PLDT Speed Test?

Are you looking for an internet speed tool but can’t seem to find the best deal? Or do you live in a city and can’t even get a dial-up connection? As more and more people move online, businesses and consumers alike are struggling to find quality internet speed. PLDT is a locally owned and operated high-speed ISP, offering DSL, cable, and fiber Internet also in the Philippines and throughout the United States.

But still, people are facing issues like slow connectivity in these areas while they were streaming content or uploading heavy solutions. Therefore, the PLDT Speed Test tool came across, that gives you a real-time speed test result with enough accuracy. Here is how you can perform PLDT Speed Test.

  • Open up this page in your browser from mobile or desktop.
  • It is designed by following Ookla Speed Meter Guidelines; that is why it’s generating a more accurate outcome.
  • Now from the PLDT Speed layout at the center, just hit the GO button to RUN the test.
  • The process will start, and within 15-20 seconds, it analyzes all the important parameters and shows you real-time data.
  • Where you can watch your maximum download & upload speed with ping, latency, & jitter info as well.


PLDT is well-known for being committed to providing fast internet services to all types of customers. In recent years, Users are quickly realizing that the internet is the most important technology that humans invented, and the speed of their internet connection is equally important. Because without it, we can even imagine faster downloads.

So, if you are one of these users and you have doubts about your PLDT Network Connectivity, then RUN a speed test by visiting the above URL. It’s a free tool, so you can perform tests multiple times in a day, and there is no limitation like it is limited with PLDT ISP only, and you can also use it to check the speed of different ISP providers as well.

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