Mweb Speed Test

Let’s check your mWeb internet speed

Speeding up your internet connection is a big deal if they are fixed with some plans. Suppose you’re watching Netflix at home or downloading a game while at work. You want the maximum speeds. So how do you know your internet speed? There are a lot of internet speed test tools out there, but some are paid and some are not perfect. So, how do you measure up?

The answer is by using Mweb Speed Test, you can test your current internet speed and performance, or compare your results with others in your area, and decide if you need to upgrade your internet speed. The service is completely free and now works on all platforms. So, let’s start with the guide.

Mweb Speed Test

About Mweb telecom

Mweb is a subsidiary company of Dimension Data and was created after the division of Internet Solutions Digital (Pty) Ltd. People remember it as the first Internet Service Provider in South Africa. This telecommunication organization was founded in January 1997, and its headquarter is located in Parow, South Africa. Imraan Parker is CFO of the Mweb. The company offers different services such as ADSL, WiFi, LTE Advanced, Web Hosting, Fiber connectivity, VoIP, Gaming, and email services. To connect with Mweb, you can contact them via this number –  087 700 5000 or can visit this website –

So come to our main topic, this blog is for the users who have had their Mweb internet speed slow down recently and wonder how to check their internet speed. We will also show you the basic steps of using a speed test tool so that you can receive a good internet speed.

What is Mweb Speed Test?

The internet speed test is a program that helps you get the best internet speed idea of your Internet Service Provider by using different fastest servers that help you test the internet speed with more efficiency and accuracy.

How is the internet speed testing tool works? This is a tutorial on how the Mweb internet speed testing tool works. Mweb Speed Test is designed to use from any device, whether it’s android, iOS, or Windows, and you need to do only a single task to check your internet speed. It measures the maximum possible download/upload speed and shows in the Unit of Mbps or Kbps. The speed test tool is really easy to use, and you can compare the internet speed between various ISPs and from different locations in the world.

How to Conduct Mweb Speed Test?

If you are looking for an internet speed test to check your internet speed and latency, you will find many internet speed test websites available in the market. However, not all of them are as free & reliable as you may think. So, to help you choose the best internet speed test tool, we have made our own Mweb internet speed test tool platform. This is the best internet speed test tool since it offers multiple internet speed testing tools.

You can also get a piece of advice to boost your Mweb internet speed. Our Mweb Speed Test offers the most accurate internet speed test tool in the market today. And here are the steps of how to use them.

  • Initially, you have to access this Mweb tool from your mobile or PC browser
  • The interface is pretty simple to use if you ever use Ookla’s speed test tool, then you easily recognize it.
  • Otherwise, just click over the Go button from Mweb Speed Test Meter if you don’t know.
  • Now the testing process will start in the background, and within 20 seconds, you’re able to analyze each factor of your Mweb Network.
  • You can also monitor your maximum possible download & upload speed plus the ping, latency, and jitter info.


We all have our own requirements for web surfing, browsing the latest news, or downloading or streaming videos. Whatever your preference, the truth is we need the same speed according to our task. This is why every time we access the web, we’re bound to encounter different problems. Some of these issues may be easy to fix by just conducting a proper speed analysis and always taking a look at your connection speed.

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