Can the Internet Be Affected By Weather?

Do you face the internet connectivity issue on Stormy days, this is happening due to bad weather. The answer is yes, the internet goes very susceptible because of the bad weather. The rain and wind blowing down your internet speed. Or creates a Wi-Fi strength problem or might disconnect the connection from your internet service provider. Same as our call got engaged in a bad climate.

These are the normal things; we never need to take it seriously or feel frustrated about it, because it’s a natural cause and happens only for some time. But whenever are performing an important task, it becomes very annoying. So, in this article, we will see why the internet is affected by the weather, and look for some solution to fix this issue. Also, we will learn which type of internet connection we need to use nowadays.

Cause why the internet be affected by weather?

The reason is behind that most of us are using the internet via broadband internet, or 2nd one is powered by telecommunication services. Both work on the basis of frequency, which got easily affected in these conditions. Although they are very stable, that’s why it happens only in harsh weather.

Despite that, the cable connection provides a stronger connection rather than Telecom connectivity. Because they transmit electricity over copper wire and deliver high-end speed. While the ISP required a huge amount of frequency, so they got stuck when some error occurs in between their antenna and mobile devices.

Use Fiber connections rather than using Broadband and telecom:

Now the broadband connection is moving towards the fiber-optic connections, rather than depending on the metallic wired connectivity which got hung whenever we used them from multiple devices. But fiber connections work on the latest technology where they transmit the data by using light or pulses, to share information.

like the normal fiber connections are providing speed starting from 10 – 20 Mbps. Which is enough to handle the hardest tasks, like live streaming, downloading and uploading large files, doing video calls, and transferring huge files from one place to another. And in urban areas, they placed it grounded, that’s why they kept secure themselves from harmful weather, storm, or climate-changing types of situations.

What we can do for solving the internet issue?

As I told you the best way to solve this type of issue is by using the latest connectivity technology. But if you are still relying on old connectivity or using a SIM card for the internet, then I recommend you just go to the top floor of your home or office. It’s just a suggestion don’t know if it works for you or not. But yeah, it can still connect you through the internet and saves you from frequent network dysconnectivity.

And another way, which you can use is just reducing your downloading and uploading speed. Yeah, you can surf the internet by using your browser which can take very lighter data. So, you can search about the weather and when it will be stopped.

Don’t take risk of going outside, adjusting the wet wires, or touching the satellites. It may injurious to your health. And we all know it’s just happened for 10 to 15 minutes then all start working as normal. So, spend time with family and children.

Satellite internet is provided by telecom companies, which is easily affected by the weather rather than a broadband connection and fiber optic cables. The reason is common which I told you above.


I hope you understand, why it happens and what steps we can take to overcome it. The internet is working on the frequency which Travels to the atmosphere by using towers or spotlights in the form of wavelengths. That’s why when the weather creates winds, the first technical thing which is affected is our internet. But Technology becomes Better Day by day, so we have a choice to get fast internet without affecting by climate and bad weather.

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