iinet Speed Test

Let’s check your iinet internet speed

Internet speed tests show how fast your connection is, how well a website loads, and whether you have a reliable download speed or not. Most of the time, the speed test tool will tell you that your connection is fast and strong enough, but you’ve to always check online to see if that’s the case.

If your online tests show that you’re getting inconsistent results, you can also get in touch with iinet’s customer service team. But before that, perform a speed test multiple times to know if there is actually any inconvenience between you and your iinet internet service provider.

iinet Speed Test

About iinet Speed Test

iinet (iiNet Technologies Pty Ltd.) is a telecommunications company that basically works as Internet Service Provider in Australia. The company was founded in 1993 in Perth. It is a subsidiary company, and TPG Telecom Limited parented it. iinet is owned by Michael Malone and Michael O’Reilly. They offer different services like Broadband, Telephony, and VoIP. But their services are now available only to Australian internet users. So, if you’re from that region and want to join iinet them then visit their official portal –

What is the iinet Speed Test?

There are several ways to measure the speed of your internet connection. You can use third-party software or any web tool or a combination of both. Websites are able to give you an immediate reading by just visiting the URL, and you can use it to compare against others, but a software-based tool you’ve to install first on your device. Our iinet’s new speed test gives you an immediate reading, and it’s a great way to compare internet speeds between different providers. It completes the test within a few seconds and informs you about your maximum possible download/upload speed in Megabite per second, which is a unit measuring the data transfer rate between two servers.

How to Conduct an iinet Speed Test?

So, do you want to know how fast your internet connection is? If you are living in Australia, this is a question that comes up frequently. And the answer, in most cases, is: Average speeds vary depending on your internet service provider, your location, and the device you were using.

But you can quickly find out your iinet connection’s exact speed by conducting a speed test. And for that, you do need to create an account or install an app just visit the website and start the test. Below I describe step by step process, so just follow the instruction.

  • Connect with your iinet network from any device and try to open this page in your browser.
  • The homepage interface is similar to the Ookla Speed Meter, so if you ever use you easily understand what to do next.
  • If not, then just press the Go button located at the center of the tool.
  • As you click, the iinet speed test process will start; it’ll take some time.
  • And after 15-20 seconds, you can watch your real-time download & upload speed with your ping, latency, and jitter information.


Every day, millions of people take the internet for granted. They surf, download, and share on social media with no regard for the speed at which their connection is operating. However, the problem is that an average internet connection is not as fast as it used to be. While the internet may have reached many homes and mobile devices, a lot of us do not have access to an optimal speed.

Here, the speed test tool plays a major role in informing us of the actual speed that we’re getting through our ISP providers and complaining about it by showing a screenshot of our internet speed test results. That’s why it very convenient way for many users to measure their internet connection’s speed.

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