Connexus Speed Test

Let’s check your Biglobe internet speed

If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious about how your internet connection is and what it means for you. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Connexus network speed test tool, which measures every low-level signal in Kbps/Mbps that gets passed from your device to Connexus’s servers, and then transmitted out to ISPs and other networks.

Have you ever wondered how good your internet speed is? Are you really getting the fast-surfing speeds you paying for? We have all been taken advantage of by internet providers who charge us a lot of money for the fastest connectivity. So, it’s our responsibility to cross-check our internet speed from time to time. Here is our Connexus Speed Test that performs seamlessly in different conditions. So, let’s explore more about it.

Connexus Speed Test

About Connexus Telecommunications

Connexus Communications Limited is a Privately Held company it offers internet and business service in Dublin, Ireland. The company was founded 20 years ago in 2001. Connexus works with very limited employees of around 11-50 like Directors, administration, and Engineers.

If you already have a connection or want to join Connexus Telecommunication, just access their official platform through this web address – They have excellent support and service nationwide. You can contact them via this number – +353 1 410 5866.

What is the Connexus Speed Test?

You have internet, but how fast is it? How fast does it need to be? Internet speed testing can be tricky, as older networks such as copper and DSL can be slow, and many tests are primarily useful for looking at speeds on ISPs that use fiber optics. But the right tools can give you a great understanding of your internet speed and what it can be if you are dissatisfied with it.

See if you’re getting speed in between 3 – 50 Mbps ( Megabite Per Second ), then it’s fair enough to handle all the tasks easily. And the Connexus speed test is also worked on this parameter. It informs you about your estimated download & upload speed as well as shows the ping, latency, and jitter report also.

How to Monitor Connexus Speed Test?

Have you ever wondered how fast your internet is? Most people don’t. It’s not that important to know these days, but it can be important to know how your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is handling your requirements and what you can do about it. Or, if you’re getting a new internet connection, you may want to know how fast it’s actually going to be. You can test how fast your home connection is with the free Connexus speed test tool.

Just connect with your old router, your computer, and your modem. Then follow the below procedure; the Connexus speed test will automatically test your internet speed and tell you how fast it is at the moment.

  • Start the step by opening this particular Connexus speed test page in your browser.
  • We follow the guidance of the Ookla Internet Speed Meter; that’s why the tool produces more efficient & accurate results.
  • From the homepage, you just have to click on the Go button to start the process.
  • It’ll take a minimum of 15-20 seconds and then display your actual downloading & uploading speed capacity with real-time ping & latency response as well.

Factors that affect your Internet speed:

  • The fastest internet speeds will depend on many factors, including your location.
  • The area of your home or office.
  • The type of internet connection you have.
  • And the type of technology behind your networks like broadband, fiber, or newly launched satellite connections.


I hope you’ll find how fast your internet connection is actually. Since internet speed varies from location to location, it’s often difficult to accurately measure what you’re getting from your ISP. That’s why I created the Connexus tool. Connexus is the first internet speed test that lets you get a speed reading from any device also any ISP, no matter where you are.

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