CenturyLink Speed Test

Let’s check your century link internet speed

The internet is one of the best ways to stay connected, whether you’re checking email, social media, or streaming videos. That’s why it’s important to know how fast your Centurylink internet connection is so you can take advantage of its full potential.

Most people know that it’s important to check your internet speed by using our CenturyLink Speed Test tool, but what you may not realize is that these various tools use different measuring methods and obtain different results. This guide will help you choose the tool that works best for you.

CenturyLink Speed Test

About CenturyLink

CenturyLink is the country’s largest telecommunications company, which provides internet, phone, TV, Network, Cloud Security, and mobile services. It’s been in business since 1930 and its headquarters is located in Monroe, Louisiana, US. They serve their services mostly in North America, LATAM, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific. CenturyLink is a major US-based internet service provider that offers its customers a variety of high-speed internet plans.

If you need to check your internet speed at home, or anywhere else, you can simply use the CenturyLink Speed Test tool from our website. The tool is pretty straightforward to use since there are no complicated sets of instructions to follow. All you need to do is access the given URL address, and the service you want to test, and then click the submit button. The tool will then test your internet speed and provide you with a report.

What is the CenturyLink Speed Test?

The CenturyLink Speed Test is a great way to test your internet speed. It only takes a couple of seconds to run a speed test, and then you’ll instantly know how fast your internet is. A speed test will not only inform you about your download or upload speed but also shows some important factors that affect our connectivity.

This is important because if you have good speed analytics, you can use it to transfer large files (like videos & music) over to your computer, or to your friend’s computer online. The internet becomes much faster than you ever think but if you care about it. And how to do that have a look.

How to Monitor CenturyLink Speed Test?

One of the many things that makes speed measurement different and more accurate from other Internet providers is our advanced Internet speed test layout. Many providers give customers a website with a speed test that does not work properly or they may be paid to access it sometimes.

Our CenturyLink tool not only works as a speed test tool but also provides links on how to use it. This helps customers get the most of the premium services from our dashboard. 

  • First, navigate our CenturyLink Speed Test platform on any device you want.
  • We follow the Ookla speed guidelines that’s why the tool creates more efficient results.
  • You just need to click on the Go button to conduct the test.
  • It’ll take a minimum of 20 seconds to measure each aspect of your CenturyLink Internet.
  • Then you can analyze your download & upload speed with ping & latency.

Our CenturyLink internet speed tester, also known as the speed tester or network analyzer, internet meter. You can search it about via these names. Essentially it enables a user to measure the data speed of an internet connection. So, let’s dig into the main steps of speed testing.


CenturyLink is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States. They operate in many markets and have many services to offer their customers. For example, CenturyLink operates a number of cable TV services, both for video and the Internet. They also have a suite of wireless services, including Wi-Fi and cellular phone plans. Although sometimes people complain about their internet connection, so if you encounter with slow internet issue. Just accomplish a Century Link broadband internet speed test.

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