BT Wholesale Speed Test

Let’s check your BT internet speed

Internet speed is a test that measures how fast data can be sent over a network. You’ll probably be wondering whether your current broadband connection is the fastest internet service provider since you join them, but the truth is different. You might not be getting the maximum possible bt wholesale speed that the company always advertises. You can notice this thing, especially when you try to connect with online services such as YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime because they use a lot of bandwidth.

The Internet is for everyone, and all of us deserve to have its full potential. Large multinational companies like BT have also faced speed issues sometimes. So, when you need fast and reliable broadband, BT wholesale speed test can help you find the exact speed of your broadband connectivity.

BT Wholesale Speed Test

About BT wholesale

BT wholesale Telecommunications is broadband, IT solutions, and internet service provider that sells wired and wireless broadband internet access all over the United Kingdom. They were also implementing voice telephony, Digital television, IT and network services, Home security, Payphones, and various mobile device services. The company comes under the BT group, and the main person behind BT Wholesale was Alex Tempest. The headquarters is located in BT Centre London, EC1 ( U.K ). If you want more information about their price and feature you can visit their official website –

What is the BT wholesale speed test?

The internet isn’t always fast and stable, especially when you’re trying to watch HD videos, send a Skype call, or download large files. That’s why you need a reliable way to check how fast the connection is. And the BT wholesale speed test tool comes here, which measures all the important factors that continuously affect our internet speed, like ping, latency, and your server location.

The download & upload speed of any ISP provider is measured in Megabite per second. But how do you find out you’re getting the speed you’re paying for? Simply You could do a speed test – but wait, which one is the right one for you? The below section will help you choose the right one to boost your internet speed.

How to perform BT wholesale speed test?

A good internet speed is important for surfing heavy websites and watching or streaming content, but it’s even more important for gaming since many games require you to download updates and patches in order to play. So, we can verify our internet speed by using a service called net speed, which is a free and most genuine source of speed tests offered by our team. It produces the most effective result for better analysis and gives you an idea if really, we need to change our connection or plans, we were using. So have a look at how to conduct a good speed test.

  • Open up this page from your browser on any device, mobile, or PC and connect internet using a wholesale network
  • Just click on the Go button and start the test without creating any login account.
  • It’ll take a minimum of 20 seconds the complete the task.
  • Once the process is complete, you’re able to watch the detailed analysis of your BT wholesale internet speed.


There may be no shortage of speed test apps, but we recently discovered a new way to check your internet connection speed using a very lightweight platform. It’s also accessible from android & iOS devices. The process is similar kind of other internet speed tests, but it uses a different method to determine a detailed connection speed test, where it shows your simple ping, latency, jitter, server info, and other relevant data. So, if you were curious to know how fast your BT wholesale connection is, just access our net speed test platform which is specially designed to test BT wholesale connection speed.

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