Broadband Speed Test

Let’s check your Broadband internet speed

Broadband connections are used to power up our devices, to connect through the internet with faster speed. It is more powerful compared to our mobile data service providers. That’s why it’s an important component nowadays in our office and home as well to boost up our online tasks with ultimate speed.

A broadband connection is a way of connecting to the internet using multiple high-speed data channels. These channels, also known as “lanes“, are capable of transporting much more data at one time than other forms of internet connections. For example, an ADSL connection may only have one lane of information while a cable connection may have many more. The more lanes the stable the connection.

Broadband Speed Test

Broadband Speed Test measurement

A broadband internet connection is a high-speed internet connection that typically delivers speeds faster than most dial-up or DSL connections. Broadband internet speeds are measured in megabits per second (Mbps), which is the amount of information you can download or upload per second. The higher the number, the faster your connection will be.

If you’re simply looking to test your internet connection speed to calculate, how much bandwidth you have getting in order to stream online videos or download files, there are a few different options for testing broadband speed through your browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Take a look below.

How to Perform Broadband Speed Test?

The fastest way to test your broadband speed is by a broadband speed tester. A broadband speed test is a free online tool that measures your internet speed by connecting to a server run by one of the major broadband providers, and the connection is timed using a stopwatch.

There are many broadband speed test providers on the web, but the broadband speed test by and is the most popular broadband speed test online tool due to its accuracy.

  • First, be sure to connect your device through a Broadband connection
  • Visit this tool page at the top
  • It automatically detects your BSNL mobile operator
  • And giving you an option to choose a change speed testing server.
  • After setting up everything all just click on GO Button.
  • Thereafter if you click on GO it will start the speed test and display the result within a few seconds with other important data like ping, latency, and downloading or uploading speed.

How to check our Broadband Speed directly by Google Speed Test Tool?

Even today, many people still have trouble determining just how fast their broadband connection speed is. Some people are even under the opinion that they have not got accurate results in testing.

Testing the broadband connection speed is pretty easy nowadays by Google tool and can be done in just a couple of seconds. Now Google is also offering speed tests by Measurement Lab (M-Lab). So, from the google search engine, you can test your broadband speed.

  • For that just search broadband speed test and from the first option click on RUN SPEED TEST.
  • It will pop ups a window and start testing your downloading & uploading speed automatically.
  • And inform us about that in a few seconds with a latency of our connection and our server location.
  • Also tell us about is our Broadband internet is able to handle higher tasks like streaming with multiple devices or

How to boost our broadband internet speed?

Your device communicates with your ISP and allows you to browse the web, download or stream media, and best for software updates because provides unlimited data. Most of the broadband connections are fast enough and delivered internet via cable, DSL, or fiber optic telephone lines.

To boost up your current connection speed first take a speed test from the above methods. After that take any action because internet speed may vary depending upon many factors. Have a look at it below.

Factors that affect your broadband connection speed:

The speed of your broadband connection is going to depend on a number of factors, such as your location, how far you are away from the nearest exchange, how many people are using the connection, and how many computers are using your connection, as well as the make and model of your modem.

As you know, broadband connection speed varies from one user to the next, and there are other factors also that can affect the speed of your connection. This includes both external and internal factors (inside & outside of your home).

  • External factors include – your provider and the provider’s connection to the Internet, your physical distance from the provider’s office, and how many people are connected to the same provider at any given time.
  • And Internal factors include – your modem, your wiring, and your computer’s performance.

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