Biglobe Speed Test

Let’s check your Biglobe internet speed

We have all been there; we’re stuck with a slow biglobe internet connection that doesn’t quite feel fast enough. But there’s a better way. The simple, easy method we’re about to show you will dramatically improve your internet speed, even if you have a slow connection. The secret is to check the latency and ping, and it’s super easy to do.

Internet Telecommunication is a service that delivers information, messages or signals over a distance. It can be by wire, radio, infrared, in the form of data which we called bit or bites, or other techniques or technologies. So, in simple word, the speed tool works to measure this data in how much quantity they are passing through your computer to your internet service provider. That’s it!

Biglobe Speed Test

About Biglobe Telecommunication

Biglobe Inc. started in July 2006. Basically, it is a Japanese telecommunication company that works in different networking sectors and provides applications, Broadband Media, and other information services as well. There are 500-600 employees working with Biglobe as of now. You can access their website for more info about their starting packages. Here is the URL – You can also contact them at – 81-3-6479-5511.

So, The Speed measurement is something that everyone wants to know before buying a new internet connection. In this article, we will introduce you to a simple tool that can monitor the estimated speed of your internet connection and show you how to get top-speed Internet.

What is the Biglobe Speed Test?

Ever wonder how fast your Biglobe internet is? How Biglobe Telecommunication Test is conducted, and how are the results shared with the public? This blog is dedicated to covering all these queries and providing one of the best Biglobe speed test services. In this blog, we will use the fastest internet speed test in Japan. Japan is one of the largest internet usage countries, and Biglobe Telecom is working only in Japan now.

The Biglobe Speed Test is a completely free internet speed test that measures your web connection’s exact download and uploads speed. It measures the connection speed for both your computer and the web server, so you can compare the speeds of your computer and different internet service providers. It didn’t affect if you were using any other ISP. This works perfectly and shows a more efficient result because servers are located in various places, which helps you to run the test smoothly from anywhere around the world. So let’s start.

How to Check Biglobe Speed Test?

The Internet speed test and ping test is a kind of tools that can be used to check the speed of the Internet and the quality of the connection between the server and the client. You can try to check the speed and ping by using this internet speed test online.

  • Open this page tool from your Biglobe-connected device in the browser.
  • The dashboard is very intuitively designed where you get information about how to enhance your internet speed.
  • Just above that, you can see the Biglobe Speed Test Meter with nearer server detail.
  • You just have to click on the Go button placed at the center of the tool.

It’ll take some time to analyze; after that, you can clearly monitor your Biglobe connection’s maximum download & upload speed, also with ping & latency packet loss reports. You can share it on Facebook, and Twitter directly with your friends & family member to show your speed status.


Internet speed is one of the most important factors for our Wi-Fi, 5G, or broadband connection to know their actual function. It is a crucial factor for online gaming, streaming HD videos, and quickly downloading or uploading huge files. For this reason, a lot of people who have a Biglobe broadband connection choose to measure how fast they get their internet.

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