Aussie Broadband Speed Test

Let’s check your Aussie internet speed

Our tool is created to help you to determine your Aussie internet speed throughout your house or office. We test your internet speed by sending several pings (data packets) to your internet modem and then measuring the time it takes to return the pingback. Then we rank the results in order to the fastest download & upload speed, so the faster your internet is, the better the results you will get.

Aussie Speed test is a good way to check whether you are getting the actual broadband speeds that you’re paying for. The internet speed testing tool allows you to monitor detailed analytics of your internet service provider. So, it’s easy to find out the root of your internet issues.

Aussie Broadband Speed Test

About Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband is a public telecommunications company that offers its services mostly in Australia. This broadband carrier business was founded in 2008 by two guys Phillip Britt & John Reisinger. Apart from ISP and Mobile telephony, the Aussie also works in different fields such as NBN, VoIP, Fetch TV, Mobile phone & broadband services. For more inquiries, you can access their official website from here –

Internet service providers continue to roll out faster speeds with more bandwidth. However, with all the new technology, it’s difficult to know which internet speed is faster, the NBN or ADSL. That’s why we put together a guide to check your current Aussie broadband internet speed.

What is Aussie Broadband Speed Test?

We all want the best internet speeds, but how do you know if your current broadband is fast enough or not? Does a new wireless connection really improve your internet speed? Well, it does not work like that. First, you’ve to RUN a proper speed test on your existing network because the speed test shows the potential of your data transfer rate from one server to another.

Which is measured in Megabite/Kilobite per second and also shows some important factors that affect our Aussie Broadband speed. The speed test tool below we mentioned will help you find out an actual scenario of your internet. So, to determine how fast your Aussie broadband is, you can use our internet speed test tool, which is available online for free. This tool is a good way to benchmark your connection and see how you can improve it.

How to Measure Aussie Broadband Speed Test?

Australians have a reputation for being very connected and tech-savvy people, but how good is their internet speed compared to other countries? The worldwide web is one of Australia’s biggest exports, and it’s not hard to see the Aussie Broadband doing great work in Australia. And the Aussie Broadband Speed Test is all about measuring the internet speed of your connection.

It’ll test your internet speed and give you tips on the website about achieving the best speeds through any ISP. Here is the fastest way to find out what your internet speed is in Australia. The tool is specially designed to test Aussie Broadband Speed Test, but you can use it to check other broadband’ speeds as well. So, let’s start the steps.

  • First, connect your device with Aussie Broadband, then open this speed test tool from any of the browsers.
  • No need to create an account or installation of any third-party app to access the Aussie speed test.
  • So from the speed meter dashboard, just click on the Go button to begin the initial process.
  • Now wait for 20 seconds, and then you can clearly summarise your Aussie Broadband maximum download/upload speed, with also the ping & latency report.


If you live in tier 1 -2 countries and have problems with your broadband provider, you are not alone. Although Australia is widely regarded as a haven for broadband, particularly for consumers, problems are common. If you are experiencing slow speeds at higher costs and you are convincing yourself to switch to a new broadband provider. But before taking any action, I suggest you use our Aussie speed test tool and clear all the doubts. Sometimes, the problem is not as big as you might think.

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