Airtel Speed Test

Let’s check your Airtel internet speed

Airtel (Airtel broadband India) was founded in 1995 by Shashi Arora and Sunil Bharti Mittal. Today, it is one of the largest telecommunication providers in the country, operating in more than 19 countries.

Have you ever wondered how much speed you are getting from your airtel mobile or broadband connection when you are downloading a movie or streaming HD content? What about how good it is for streaming HD content? We will discuss all these topics in detail in the below sections. Airtel, India’s largest mobile operator, is also the country’s first full-fledged broadband provider. It is offering 3G and 4G services in more than a hundred cities in India and has rolled out a highly competitive broadband service as well.

Airtel is India’s most extended telecom company with over 5 million subscribers with the fastest and most widely-used cellular networks. It runs its own GSM telecommunication network and also provides 4G LTE services in rural & urban areas. The company is involved in mobile broadband, and video streaming and also has a data center business.

Airtel Speed Test

How to test the Internet speed in Airtel?

If you are a regular Airtel postpaid or broadband user then you must have noticed how slow your internet speed is. The speed test is simple and the easiest task to perform. There are various speed test sites that you can use.

The websites not only measure the speed of your connection but also show the servers from the fastest among others. Apart from that, you can also able to analyze ping, latency, uploading, and downloading speed at the same time. So follow the below steps to test your airtel speed.

  • First, be sure to turn on Airtel internet 😉
  • Visit this tool page at the top
  • It automatically detects your Airtel mobile operator
  • And giving you an option to choose a change speed testing server.
  • After setting up everything all just click on GO Button.
  • Airtel speed test will start and inform you about your internet speed in a few seconds.

The speed test site will provide you the result in either Mbps or KBps according to how much speed you were getting. Now that Airtel has recently announced a new broadband plan, you might want to check your internet speed. How to do it just scroll below.

Another way to check Airtel Internet Speed:

Airtel broadband India also offers free speed tests to its customers. The speed test of the connection depends on the number of users on the network at a particular time. The speed test does not measure the total bandwidth of the broadband connection.

So, make sure your internet connection is up to snuff before you start streaming HD videos, downloading data-hungry apps, or playing online games. There are a couple of ways to check it and we can show you how to do it via the internet.

  • First, just log into your Airtel account on the Airtel Hotline.
  • Here you’ll be able to view your upload and download speeds and view the usage of data.
  • As well as you can see the last four calls/messages you made.

How fast is your airtel connection working? Can you stream HD videos? Can you use the internet for work or play on your smartphone or tablet? All the answers you will get in the speed test tool & may be able to help further assistance also via contacting them.

How does the Airtel speed test works?

Internet speeds are measured in Mbit/s, megabits per second, which is the equivalent of 1,000 megabytes per second. The speed of the internet is actually measured in bits per second. The actual speed of your internet shows how fast your device or computer can download data from the internet.

If you are a working professional and you need to know how much bandwidth you get from your ISP, you can use the website. This one is best and allows you to test how fast your Internet connection is with reliable data. You can test your upload and download speeds as well.

What is the Role of ping, latency, and Uploading Speed, in the Internet Speed Test?

If you were searching for ‘What is ping, latency, and upload, in an Internet speed test?’ you will find many answers. But Here’s one of the easiest ways to understand it:

  • Ping is the response time to data sent across the internet.
  • Latency is the added delay in your Internet connection.
  • Uploading speed is the rate of data sent over the Internet.

Now, you may ask what all of this means. Well, the correct ratio of it will help you to provide a better internet speed. So if you’re always getting lower internet speed, must check these three things as well, on the airtel speed test website.


Airtel – The Most Popular Telecom Company in India Airtel is an Indian telecommunications company that offers a wide range of Broadband, fiber, Mobile, and Voice services. It is one of the largest mobile service providers in the world. The company is owned by the government of India’s State-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) as well as the Singapore-based Singtel. While we all know that we are eager to know that our internet speed is fast enough, it is sometimes difficult to get the right speed test from the internet. So if you facing this type of situation just follow the above instructions and compile a speed test once a week.

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