Activ8me Speed Test

Let’s check your Activ8me internet speed

Want to know how fast your internet connection is? The first step is to find out what type of internet connection you have, like Active8me Wi-Fi or broadband and how fast it can go. A good way to do this is to use an internet speed test tool from your mobile or PC which must be connected with Activ8me internet. Different companies offer different tools, so you may use them, but some of them are paid & not accurate sometimes. That’s why I designed a tool, especially for the Activ8me Internet Speed Test.

The internet speed tests are quite a simple process. You can check your internet speed with websites or software that allows you to test the speed of your connection. All you need is a computer/mobile and an internet connection, and a speed test should be able to tell you how fast your internet is. There are several ways to do a speed test.

Activ8me Speed Test

About Activ8me

Active8me is an Australian telecommunication service that provides by the NBN Co network. Its a Privately held company established in 2002, known for its services like Wireless broadband, Satellite Internet access, ISP provider, Fiber_to_the_x, and Voice_over_IP.

It is a constant battle between many customers and ISPs to determine who has the fastest internet connection. Activ8me has been providing commercial broadband internet speed testing across the world for more than a decade, and we have the experience and dedication to ensure that you have the best speed possible. Increase your internet speed by 70% today with an Activ8me connection.

What is the Activ8me Speed Test?

If you’re interested in learning more about how the world’s internet speed is being used, you may have heard of the popular website that is called net speed. It shows all things like IP, download/upload speed, and other related information such as port 80, DNS, subnets, URLs, and many other things that will come in handy when you conduct a speed test.

And in my opinion, a web tool is more convenient to perform a test from any operating system; there are no limitations. I wanted to create a website that was far more user-friendly than what other expensive software provides. I have therefore decided to make my own website that includes all of the necessary information to test Activ8me Speed.

How to Check Activ8me Speed Test?

The internet speed test gives you a quick and easy way to check your internet connection speed. To see the results, simply connect with your Activ8me connection, start accessing the below-mentioned Activ8me Speed test tool, and you’ll soon have the results. If you want to know how to use it, read below the step-by-step guide about performing the Activ8me Speed test.

  • Visit this tool page if you have connected your device using the Activ8me network.
  • On the top section, just click on the Go button, and the test will start in the background.
  • Don’t click anywhere and waits for 20 seconds to complete the test.
  • As the task is finished, you can clearly analyze your download & upload speed with your ping 7 latency info as well.

Why Choose Activ8me Speed Test?

Activ8me’s speed test tool is one of the most popular downloads, and for a good reason. It measures the speed of your internet connection and tells you what maximum download speeds you have available, and permits you to compare it with any other operator. This is an important test to conduct before you buy any new connection, as sometimes you’ll need a faster internet network than your current provider allows. So it may help you a lot.


The Internet is a powerful tool that allows us to connect with people, businesses, and information in ways that were never possible before. It is the backbone of our modern world. But sometimes, this amazing technology is very detrimental when it goes slows down, and it’s the greatest danger to future prospects. So always up to date with the maximum internet speed offered by your network provider. And the Internet speed test is the ultimate solution for that and the best way to measure the quality of your Activ8me network. So use it to clear all the doubts.

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